Sunday, January 31, 2010

College Students Need Massage

Many college students are seeking massage for relieving chronic long term head, neck, shoulder, forearms, back pain. Due from all day classes sitting on chairs, using computers, carrying backpacks, reading, writing, presentation, studying, researching, walking from and to places, all that takes a huge toll on their bodies.

They become tense from stress and not have the opportunity to relax their muscles/joints. These repetitive body movements, doing the same action over and over, for example, typing on computer for hours can cause pain towards carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, neck tension, shoulder pain. Getting a massage could really save them from long term injuries and to be able to function well on a daily schedule. Many could not afford massages because of their limited income to pay, they attend classes full time, some work part time, some could not work, just to get by financially.

They will have the chance to buy gift certificates on sale online for massage appointments with Patricia. She is a Pittsburgh Massage Therapist, School Training Certified and holds a BFA Degree, Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association, attended two different colleges for total of 9 years, completely understand the feeling and the lifestyle of being a college student.


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